Every other artist begins with a blank canvas or a piece of paper...
the photographer begins with the finished product.
- Edward Steichen -

Instructional programs.
Club contests for black & white prints, color prints, and digital Slides.
Mini-workshops, special speakers and demonstrations.
N4C monthly contests in various categories.
Photographic prints on display at various locations in the area.

Each monthly issue of the club's newsletter has a calendar of events;
provides information of the club's activities and programs;
lists contest winners; and features photographic articles.

To promote the understanding and practice of photography.
To provide services to others to increase their abilities in the practice of photography.

The Central Iowa Camera Club (CICC) was organized on March 31, 1977 primarily under the leadership of the late Russ Bundy of Marshalltown - the club's first president.

The name Central Iowa Camera Club was chosen because of the membership roster included persons from many surrounding towns. Membership is for everyone interested in practicing photography, from novice to advanced.

George Porter of Marshalltown was the first editor of the club's newsletter, Sharp Focus, to keep members informed of meetings and activitities.

"The world of photography is a personal one.
We take pictures to express our feelings
about people, nature, and the world around us.
And as in any art of communication, be it writing, music, or art,
we experience great pleasure when the results of our efforts
communicate what we set out to say."
- Author Unknown -